Alertus Mobile


This app allows users to receive alert notifications dispatched by an organization's Alertus Server. Users can also "request help" or send "panic button" events (if enabled for your organization).

Available for Android and iOS:

Key Features:

  • Receive alerts as push notifications to your device
  • View up to 10 recent alerts in notifications tab
  • Allow users to request help or report an anonymous tip (optional)
  • Allow users to call your organization's public safety number (optional)


  • A compatible Android/iOS phone or tablet.
  • Android: Android 4.0 and up and 30MB free space
  • Apple: iOS 7.0 or later and 8MB free space
  • License: To see if your organization is licensed for this feature log into the Alertus Console and click on the Support page. There should be a green check mark next to "Mobile Recipient App." If you do not see this feature please contact your sales representative to enable it.

1. Please visit your app store and install Alertus

2. Once installed open the Alertus icon on your phone.

3. Use the code "Massbay" to link your app, to MassBay Community College's alerting system. Click "Next".

4. You will need to enter you MASSBAY email address to verify your account.

5. You will receive a confirmation email. You need to click on the link to verify your account.

6. Then just click verify on your smart phone.

You are now set to receive emergency notices from the College.