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Preview of Office 365 Email ("New" Outlook Web Access)

Intro to Office 365 Email

How to Send an Encrypted Email using your MassBay Email Account [CC]

How to Send an Encrypted Email

How to View an Encrypted Email (using your MassBay Email) [CC]

How to View an Encrypted Email

Forwarding your MassBay Gmail to Another Email Account [CC]

Forward MassBay Gmail to Another Email Account

GMail - The Playlist

All students at MassBay have their student email set to a special version of Gmail. This gives them access to Google Apps and storage space on Google Drive.

Some faculty/staff have MassBay Gmail accounts for a number of reasons in addition to their primary MassBay employee email account (username@massbay.edu).

You may request a MassBay Gmail account if you have specific needs in your role at MassBay that may warrant using one by emailing the helpdesk at helpdesk@massbay.edu. Once you have a MassBay Gmail account, you access it through the Student Email link at the bottom of the MassBay home page (www.massbay.edu).

A user’s MassBay Gmail address is of the form: username@post.massbay.edu.

Reminder: your primary email address, username@massbay.edu, is still your official MassBay work email.

This playlist of videos, created by one of the premiere Google training sites, serves as a quick start tutorial and overview of the most important features of Google Email.