Remote Learning Workshops

There are currently 6 videos in this series of Workshops offered during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 designed to assist with the transition from face to face classrooms to remote learning.

Entire Video is 38:39

Table of Contents:
 A. Who is the target audience for this workshop? 00:36
 B. Online vs. Remote learning 01:43
 C. Our "LMS", How to find & log on to Blackboard 05:11
 D. How to properly log on to Blackboard 06:17
 E. Description of Blackboard screen/My Courses module 06:58
 F. How to make your course available to students 08:36
 G. Default new (blank) course shell 10:32
 H. Student preview mode 11:48
 I. Announcements & Visual Text Box Editor 12:26
 J. Q & A Session 1 17:54
 K. Manage navigation menu 19:14
 L. Post basic content (Syllabus) 20:00
 M. Basic building blocks of a content area 22:48
 N. Create a new content area 23:24
 O. Delete a content area 23:57
 P. Create content folder(s)/Item(s) 24:23
 Q. Qwickly course tools 27:54
 R. Q & A Session 2 31:43

Blackboard II: Expanded Blackboard Essentials for Faculty

Creating & Deploying Tests in Blackboard

Entire Video is 38:34

Table of Contents:

Blackboard Tests 2: A Deeper Dive

A look at alternate question types and how to export/import tests and pools.

The Blackboard Grade Center: A Calculated Approach

Entire Video is 37:36

Table of Contents:

Online Lecture Capture Strategies with PowerPoint and WebEx

You Have an Ally in Blackboard
Table of Contents:
 B.Why is Ally Important?00:26
 C.Ally Gauges01:29
 D.Using the Gauge Indicator02:19
E."Fixing"/Replacing a Document03:17
 FAlternative Formats04:48
 G.Accessibility Report07:24
 H.Q&A/Open Discussion08:57
Among topics covered in Q&A/Discussion: Accessibility/Importance, Universal Design, Captioning, Curated Content, (Text) Publisher Content, Disabling Alternative Formats.