MassBay Cisco Telephone System

"Cheat Sheets"
Voicemail System Cheat Sheet
Click the voicemail icon below to access the cheat sheet.
Voicemail Cheat Sheet

NOTE: To access your voicemail from off campus, dial your number, wait for outgoing messages to play, then press *
From there, follow the prompts as you would when retrieving your voicemail from on campus.

How to Setup your Cisco Voicemail (First Time Use)
Setup Voice Mail - First Time Use

There are a number of different model phones out there, for the most part, they all operate similarly. To find the cheat sheet specific to your phone, use the images below to identify your phone:

Model 7821

Model 8811

Model 8832

The model 8832 is a conference phone and will be found in many conference rooms among our campus sites.

Model 8841
Cheat Sheet for Model 8841

Model 8851+KEM

There are only a handful of these on campus, at switchboards and public safety. 

We do not currently have documentation for the KEM (Key Expansion Module - that's the part on the right in this image).

Model 7811 (Classrooms)

This phone model is found in classrooms around campus and can only be used to make calls internally and for Emergencies (911).

Phone System Video Tutorials Click this button to go to the video tutorials page for various features of he MassBay Cisco Telephone System