Using Cisco Telephone System Features

Please note that unless indicated otherwise, the videos on this page are third-party videos. In the case where one no longer plays, please inform the helpdesk. There also may be some very slight variation in the procedure illustrated, I emphasize very slight, it should not hinder its relevance. It should also be noted, there are often multiple ways to accomplish a specific task, some of these video may not cover all possible methods.

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How to Make and Take a Call

Call Waiting and Hold Call

Warm Transfer
A warm transfer allows you to confirm a person is available to take the call before actually transferring the call.
Note: You may see documentation about a "Blind Transfer", our system does not support blind transfer.
To complete a (warm) transfer, you aren't required to wait for the caller to pick up the phone.

Answer a Call

Conference Calling

Call Forwarding

Manage Call History