Connected Accounts

Importing your account into your account

To download and/or print these instructions click the following link: Printable Instructions

Overview: We will be using Outlook Web Access to setup a “connected account” and pulling the email in from (importing) your GMAIL account. Please note when you complete this ALL of your email from GMAIL will be copied into O365, it can be a lot of email so do not worry if you see a lot of messages in your inbox.

NOTE: if you can read this message, we are in the process of updating the steps below to match that of the video above. Until complete, that is, you no longer see this message, we strongly recommend using the video alone as your guide to the process.

1. Login to your MassBay Gmail account.(Before proceeding, we recommend cleaning up your email account so that you don't move over any unwanted or unnecessary emails). Click on the “COG” icon and choose “Settings

2. Click on “Forwarding and Pop/IMAP

3. (a) Click Enable POP for all mail to select that option and then (b) click the "Add a forwarding address" in the Forwarding section

4. Enter your Microsoft Email address and then click the Next button

5. Click the Proceed button on the pop-up message to continue

6. You need to confirm the forwarding address by receiving and entering a code. Click OK here, then retrieve the code from your Microsoft Email account (see the next step).
7. This is the important part of the confirmation code you will receive in your Microsoft Email account. You will need to enter this code back in Google so either write it down or copy it to the clipboard.

8. Return to the Google screen to enter the confirmation code, click the Verify button once you've entered the code:

9. Here is where we tell Google to forward the email and where to forward it to. Click the forwarding option, it should already have the correct entries

populated in the text boxes. (In this example, it is telling Google to forward all incoming mail to the address and keep a copy of them

in the Google box as well).:

10. You now need to save these changes in Google. Click the Save Changes button near the bottom of the screen:

11. Now click on you Account Avatar in the upper right corner (for some of you, it may be your google Profile Picture if you have one, for others, it will

be a letter; usually the first letter of either your first or last name). Then click the My Account button.

12. Click on “Sign-in & Security

13. Click on “Apps with account access

14. Turn on “Allow less secure apps”.

You can now log out of your Google account.

15. Log into your Microsoft Email Account at Office 365’s Outlook Web Access: (

16. (a) Click on the “COG” icon. (b) In the search bar type “Connected Accounts” and (c) choose the first item from the list "Connected Accounts"

17. Click the “+”to start the Add Account creation wizard.

18. Type in the email address and password for your MassBay Google ( account

19. If you receive this Unsecured Connection error (see screen shot below), choose “Skip”

20. Select “POP connection settings” (if not already selected), then click OK

21. Please enter the account information as follows:

Display Name:     Name as you wish for it to appear on your Emails

Email Address:    Your Google ( email address

Username:           Enter the same email address as you did for Email Address

Password:            Password for your Google ( email address

Incoming Server:

Authentication:    Basic

Encryption:            SSL

Port:                        995

22. If you have entered everything correctly you will see the following screen (image below). Your GMAIL is being imported into your email. The time it takes depends on how much email you are migrating, the speed of your internet connect, and several other factors - be patient.