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How to Log into Blackboard/What is Blackboard? [CC]

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Navigating Your Blackboard Course

Blackboard "On Demand" Learning Center for Students [CC]

To help you learn how to use the various Blackboard Learn tools to be successful online, Blackboard provides a variety of short video tutorials.These videos are organized by topic into playlists on YouTube. The following is an overview of this series along with links to view them. These videos are available in English only.

Helpful Playlists

Working in Your Course: This set of videos helps you understand how to access your course content, take tests, pass in assignments and other course related activities.

All Student Videos

Blackboard Learn On Demand Tutorials for Students: The complete series of short video tutorials to help students learn how to use the various Blackboard Learn tools to be successful online. The complete playlist for the entire series of video tutorials to help instructors learn how to use tools, design their courses, and assess students.

Playlist 1: Working in your Course

Playlist 2: Staying Organized and Communicating

Playlist 3: All Student Tutorials